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"Seven year itch + One year"
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World ends this week…

If the world ends this week…

It is sad that you wont be here with me but its okay. I know you want to be but we still need to live the last days to the fullest.
But if you are here, would you hug me till the last second and breathe the last breath together as one?
There are so many things that we have promised each other that we will do but we have let other things interrupted. Perhaps if we still have the chance in seeing each other after this week, we should finally make a bucket list.

We are fortunate in having each other, a great friend and loving soul mate. I truly enjoy every moment with you. Sharing good food, playing with Nerf gun though I lose, getting into trouble, just laying in bed, being regret over the same thing, maybe not so much of you attempt in picking my nose… You are a great partner in crime because I know you will always be there for me through the good and ugly. I am sure I have been urgly more lately, yet you are still here, through and through.

Please do not think that I have love you any less as time past. I am sorry for letting you have such a feeling. Please still love me and dont be sway by some random bitch. If only I have more of mes (but maybe not since I will be jealous of my other self…-_-“)

We are now both working so physically and mentally we get more tired and run out of patience easier. And you and your family have taught me to love and endure my family more so I learn to split myself into more different pieces: you, family, friends, work and myself.I may not be too good at time management yet but I am still learning.
Though your father dislikes me D: I will get him chocolate next time!

Never forget that you will always weigh a big part in me and I will always turn to you in times that I have doubts and to share happiness. I want you to always be here for the most mo liu and sad things. You will become the one who understands me more than anyone else, including myself…
I still get scared when you talk to other girls, I still dont like it when you WoW. But I still love you, the way you are and I am so proud of you for being so hard working.

If the world doesnt end, I hope we will stay the same for the rest of the time, as long as we still love each other and remember all the things that we have share.
Its been half a decade. And there will be so many more years waiting ahead.

Sweet or butter (yes butter for you bacon), super rich or just average, young or old, fit or fat, pretty or ugly, fun or boring, CEO or starving artist, childish or mature…
As long as we learn to respect, compromise and love each other, we will be fine.

I put your heart in my heart, and my heart is a gift to you.
My feelings have never changed. Never forget.

Worst comes to worst, the Australians will die first =p

with all the love that I can give,
your sexy sweet pandaa cupcake baby,

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Informative history and lovely drawings. 

Everything was fine until I read “Hey, sweetcheeks” 8D I spit over my laptop :X

remeber this shit!

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every month….damn you uterus…

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Perhaps the cutest art-related doggie Halloween costume ever? Awwww … via Gothamist

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mean while at the USA elections…

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When i’m with..


People that I don’t know that much.. : 


My Friends:

(Just laughing and talking)

 My Best friends:


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cest moi~

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this is a cool idea too haha




this is a cool idea too haha




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That stage in a friendship where you can start insulting them.


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Behind every successful man, there is a woman.
Behind every ordinary man, there is a goddess.
A girl so sacred that he doesn’t dare touch.
He doesn’t deserve her holiness, for he is merely mortal.

Oh my goddess…
Please spare me a glance over your shoulder, a whiff of your smell as you elegantly pass by.
And I will fall upon your body-clinging robe.
I swear to remain your humble servant, till the end of time.

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